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National Contest Journal MAR/APR 2004,  Maximum-Gain Radial Ground Systems for Vertical Antennas  

73 Magazine page 42, Jan 1964, Well grounded by Richard K4ZGM

December 1976 issue of QST  Ground Radial research by John Stanley, K4ERO


ARRL Antenna Book 20th edition chapter 3, pages 3-10

QST March 2010 pages 30-33

QST August 1998 page 35 Vertical antenna systems

IRE now IEEE June 1937 page 753 Ground systems in antenna efficiency

QEX May/June 2010 Letters to the editor section

Lots of K3LC info in On4UN’s “Low Band DX’ing

Al Christman K3LC has written many articles  on this subject over the years, in QST, QEX etc.

QEX September/October 2011,  Differences of radials on ground or buried no more than one inch underground article

Broadcasting, IEEE Transactions  Vol: 39 , Issue: 2  1993 , Page(s): 249 – 254 Using elevated radials in conjunction with deteriorated buried-radial ground systems

QEX Jan/Feb 2009 pages 21/25 Ground system experiments for verticals

QEX Jan/Feb 2009 pages 48-52

QEX March/April 2009 pages 29-32

QEX May/June 2009 pages 38-42

QEX July/August 2009 pages 15-17

QEX Nov/Dec 2009 pages 19-24

QEX Jan/Feb 2010 pages 18-19

K1TTT technical reference on ground radials



 RF GROUND RADIAL LINKS:   Maxium Gain Ground Radial Systems for Vertical Antennas by AL Christman K3LC,103906.0.html  Is more radials is more really better? posts include some interesting useful links  ARRL article vertical antenna ground radial loss study,101928.0.html  Mixing ground & elevated radials together  FCC Earth Conductivity map,102979.0.html  Adding ground radials to a dipole?,102192.0.html  Radials over rocky ground,102066.0.html  Using coax for radials   Excellent powerpoint Presentation Dispelling Radial Misconceptions with Verticals,101741.0.html  Using stranded copper clad wire for radials?  From part Radials for ground mounted transmitters,101760.0.html  Radial connector ring made of copper tubing?,101352.0.html  Shortened radials for a S9-43 antenna,100776.0.html  RF ground conductivity,100585.0.html  Length of buried radials vs mono-pole height   pdf from Rudy N6LF ground skin depth and wavelength in soil,100435.0.html  Delta loop installed over buried radials   This topband user group list has all the ground radial discussion’s you can read  How long do buried ground wires last…Do you know?,99641.0.html  Techniques for ground radial installation,99321.0.html  Ground radials for a receiving antenna?  Excellent info from W8JI  Tips from QRZ for keeping radials below grass level  Radials..What length?…How many?…What kind of wire to use?  Insulated vs Bare wire…What is best for RF ground wires!  Radial size & type-a great interesting read from N6BT Array of Light 3rd edition  By K3LC, Al Christman..Maximum gain based on number of radials-PDF  chart. Very helpful!  Raised vs Ground mounted radials from QRZ  Optimum Ground Radial Wire Length vs Number of Ground Radials  How to rapidly deploy & remove ground radials  KB8LFA – Radial Calculator  Check it out!’s-Ham-Radio-Page/Radial_Project/Radial.htm  W4EF’s ground radial layout   OK1RR excellent notes on ground systems  Ground radial systems company-Let them do the work  radial information overload!   Maxium-gain radial ground systems for vertical antennas from NCJ   Be ready to spend some time here, includes software & programs in relation to RF ground characteristics-very useful   ground radials in relation to the end fed one half wave antenna   Discussion of ground radials related to specific antenna types   Searchable topband mailing list archives dating back to 1998-hours & hours of information discussions   Charts-graphs and additional links-optimum ground radial wire length vs. number of ground radials   Great information from OK1RR DX & Contest Page-notes on ground systems  Ground radial length vs number of ground radials.  Excellent information to read!  Ground radials for inverted L’s.  The why and how of ground radials.   Ground systems as a factor in antenna efficiency,,75840.msg520726.html#msg520726   eHam Info on RF ground radials!   Vertical ground systems over saltwater.  Elevated RF groundradial systems.  Google ground radial images hundreds of pictures!   Ground Radials the long and short of it   Vertical radial ground systems   By Rudy N6LF  160 meter radials   Heavy duty ground radial systems.  The short vertical & ground radial  Adding radials to a base antenna   Benchers famous “tech-notes” on ground radials   WB3AAL’s Butternut HF9V’s ground radial project   Rules of thumb for ground radials…nice site  Ground Radial talk from   Ground Radials questions and answers  Adding additional radials to antenna   Ground system designs from Radio Antenna Engineering    Elmers forum at good info   By N6LF need I say more!   Why radials? excellent reading by Butternut   Short radials by Rudy N6LF  Grounding-is-key-to-good-reception Grounding is the key to good reception by IW5EDI   Grounding systems for amateur radio stations   SGC’s info on ground radials  Very thorough coverage on the ground radial   RF ground systems by Radio Works   The radio frequency ground   Grounding systems for amateur radio stations by WA6BFH John   Radials below 10 MHZ, A good interesting site by SM6EHY   Stepp IR Radial Systems   RF ground systems from Radio Works, A good Starting Point   Wire radials by high sierra antennas  Quarter wave vertical ground radial  Info from Hamchat forum   Vertical Radial Ground Systems by Tom, K1JJ   The mystery of radials   All about RF ground radials   Ground radials how do you?   Additional ground radials to a base antenna   Measure the efficiency of a ground radial system  K9ES 4-Square radial system  RF Grounds  Wire mesh ground radials  Princeton Physics Dept. RF ground system design  N8CMQ Vertical radial system   Radial wisdom from 160m gurus  N0HR Radial Rings Radials  Horizontal Ground Rods?   WB3AAL’S Butternut HF9V Ground Radial Project   Comercial ground radial systems company with great station pictures  The mystery of ground radials…Good read!  Excellent Info!  A very good read!  QRZ Ground radial forums  QRZ  Radial length & TVI?  Radioworks RF ground systems  K9JY Radial installation  Vertical ground radial questions and answers   Antennaware vertical ground radial information   Installing vertical ground radials  10 pages of ground radial sites  AM RF ground systems   Very technical information! Optimum ground radial wire length vs. Number of ground radials   Opinions and Experiences with Vertical Radial Ground Systems by many amateurs, a good read;topic=61194.0   eHam ground radial forums   QRZ.COM Ground radial fourms   Ground radial length discussions   How to measure the effectiveness of ground radials   Ground radial company   Ground radial discussions on towertalk site   Don’t underestimate the importance of a good ground radial system – read!  Ground radial system calculator by a broadcast consultant   Hy-Tower Radial Install Project   Ground radial system theory  Installing vertical antenna radials   QRZ Ground Radial Forums    Maxium gain ground radials  Topband Archive on radials  Radial ground systems (a good read)   An alternative to a buried radial system   Hundreds of RF Ground Radial conversations

 NEW LINKS:  RF ground performance tips  Diameter of radials in verticals  Valcom RF ground screen’s-Ham-Radio-Page/Radial_Project/Radial.htm