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From Statesville, North Carolina N4UFO Kevin being a sucessful and accompolished DX’er extends his sucess to his unique antenna farm as well. His 8 band DXCC in part is a byproduct of his well thought out modified Hy-gain, Butternut and a host of other “RF” radiators. Making good use of ground mounted tripods, this DX’er provides hope and insight to those who may have antenna height restrictions and such. Equally important his RF radial field is also very well thought-out and implemented with the help of RossRadio ground radial lawn anchor staple pins. Not only does this antenna farm look good it works fantastic and covers a very large spectrum of amateur radio allocated frequencys. Way to much detail to cover here-take some time and visit and take it all in!

Just a portion of this perfect radial field…

Some of the effective shared common radial field


Excellent attention to detail!

Visit Kevins QRZ page for much-much more!





Dick K8RBW, from Fort Myers, Florida received an approval from his HOA. The inspectors approved his request for a “flag pole”. Here is Dick’s Zero-Five 30 ft flag pole vertical antenna! A RossRadio customer Dick plans to start off with 32 20 foot ground radials of 14 gauge insulated stranded wire secured by our radial staple anchor pins. The insulated wire will stand the test of time, and his choice of stranded wire will sure help laying those wires down, nested along the earths surface. A first-class antenna along with a first-class QTH along a Florida waterway…Excellent Job Dick!

flag pole antenna


Way out west from Washington state comes KE7SA Chuck and his lovely wife N7OYY Dixie. This couple is enjoying our hobby and take no shortcuts, in whatever they do. With strong internet presence just simply google either call to take in any of their fine sites…Be sure to view their station set-up you will then under stand by comment! Truly a quality first-class set-up without a doubt. Satisfied users of RossRadio Radial Staple Anchor Pins they have installed a Cushcraft DX-88 vertical, just like every other element of their first-class station this install was done sparing not a thing! We offer our congratulations to them both! Below please sample just a few pictures of their DX-88 project then look them up on-line to take it all in.

Excellent job!

Busy at work…

Notice the copper strap allowing for an efficent transfer of the ground radials to antenna.

A work in progress…almost done.

I bet this antenna performs even better than she looks!

1,000+ feet of 12 gauge insulated wire provides these perfect ground radials. Not to be outdone it is fed with 75 feet or so of andrew 7/8″ hardline. Like I said truly a first-class install. Great job and made a bit easier with the help from Dixie N7OYY herself. Thank you both!


From Williamsburg Virgina Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator KL0S Dino Papas, is in the process of designing his new antenna farm. By using RossRadio ground radio lawn staple anchor pins these ground radials will settle in just below the soil for optium RF placement! Dino has shared with us a snapshot of just the beginning of his DX-88 vertical project below.

The beginning of something good here!

Twenty, 20 foot ground radials is a good starting point for this long standing vertical performer. If you own a MFJ-259 Dino’s callsign may sound familiar.

If your not too busy working all the DX this F.B. antenna set-up will bring you…Keep us posted on your antenna farm progress, Dino….Thanks for sharing!


Out in the country from West Brooklyn, Il is an antenna lovers dream QTH, take a look at this spread on QRZ! Here you will find Dan WD9IVE and his excellent QTH. It’s obvious that aluminum is growing well out on the farm. In addition to this antenna farm is a Hygain Hy-Tower doing just fine. When finished Dan will have 60 radials 105 feet in length. Using a copper buss bar as the termination point, Dan has drilled and tapped the bar to take 10/24 screws to secure the radials. Still in project mode Dan commented that once he found and started using the RossRadio staple pins it has really helped with the task! Take a look at some of the photos he was kind enough to share, then stop on over at QRZ.COM and get set to take in a true antenna farm, one which we all would love to experience. Congratulations Dan on a job very well done!

In project mode

Nice buss-bar

Some of the ground radials secured using RossRadio staple pins, Excellent work here!


From down south in Georgia Jim W5SDJ shares his venerable Hustler 5-BTV image with us. Another satisfied RossRadio staple pin user, Jim commented how interesting it was to watch the performance improve dramatically once the ground radials were installed. Presently Jim has 30 radials measuring 33 to 34 feet in length, but as we all know…is the job ever finished? It’s not hard to miss Jim’s craftsmanship with this install and homebrew choke…Excellent Job!

Very Nice


Veteran CW operator & DX’er from West Chester, Pa. Bill Patton WY3A ex:WN3GZM (1966) shares with us his S-9 Ground mounted vertical set-up & ground radials installed with RossRadio Staple Pins!
Much accomplished in life Bill carries his skills over to his hobby with this professional installation.
Visit Bills site to see the finished product & more.


Close-up of Vertical, Choke, Ground Plate & Radials

Perfect Ground Radial Field Installed using RossRadio Ground Radial Staple Pins!


The following photographs are from that Big-Signal station out of Sunderland, MA. Amateur Radio Operator Jose N4BAA. Ex: N1BAA, KG4SB, YI9BAA, VP5BAX. A very satasified user of ROSS-RADIO ground radial lawn staple anchor pins. Visit to take in this DX’ers Antenna tower farm!

Jose was kind enough to share with us his 160m shunt fed tower, and 80 meter vertical set-up with motor driven vacuum capacitor switching.

What attention to detail! Well thought out…

This is a nice set-up! Great job Jose

A nice close-up for us to study

Part of Joses 114 radials measuring 100+ feet long!

ROSS-RADIO lawn anchor staple pins used here to secure this radial field

A work in progress here…This signal will be heard!



The following from Amateur Radio WOFRG, Jim Brogan. A Zero-Five 43 ft vertical with ground radials…..Textbook Install and a clean looking set-up!


WOFRG, Zero-five 43 foot vertical.

Zero-five 43 foot vertical. Beginning of the radial planting

Zero-five 43 foot vertical. Beginning of the radial planting




Amateur Radio Station K1VVC Jon is on his way to something big-here! …To date he has 72 65 foot Ground Radials, for his top of the line Hy-Gain Hy-Tower Vertical Antenna. Jon is purchasing his ground wire from the Tractor Supply outlet by the 1/4 mile!…..This vertical is going to be a very efficent radiator of RF !

Very Nice Install Jon……Thanks for the pictures and please keep us updated when she’s done!

K1VVC’s Work in progress!!…72…65 foot Ground Radials to date! For his Hy-Gain Hy-Tower Vertical

K1VVC Jon uses aluminum wire from Tractor Supply!…This is a nice lookin RF Ground Field


Amateur Radio Station W4SUL Sparrow, Hobby farmer of Goats and Chickens, also has a nice Antenna Farm…Sparrow hosts many a fine antenna including his homebrew 40 meter vertical, with ground radials…The results speak for themselfs. Visit the hamshack at the end of the universe

W4SUL’s excellent homebrew 40 meter vertical has netted over 173 entities

Within weeks after laying down the radials using Ross-Radio Staple-Pins they are now nested down out of sight!

Take a look at W4SUL’s Sparrow’s great website for more!